Read Swedish

This is a demo. It has you reading some Swedish text aloud. Use it for practice, use it for fun, use it to see how the tracking and validation works.

How to:

  • For now, the demo doesn't work on mobile devices or the Safari browser.
  • Use with a headset microphone in a quiet space for the best performance.
  • Hold the button. You can also hold space instead.
  • Read the text aloud.
  • The speech recogniser tracks you as you read: it's like karaoke.
  • When you've finished reading release the button or space.
  • The system validates the result: it tells you if it thinks your utterance was suitable for automatic processing.

Language is a cooperative game:

The point is to track your reading as accurately as possible. The system does not judge your ability.

The validation filters out recordings which are unsuitable for further automatic processing, such as automatic evaluation. An error free recognition result indicates cooperation from both the reader and the computer.